The power to make change: talking to activists and change-makers

Kate’s podcast, The Power to Make Change, is a series of conversations with people who make change happen. These activists, campaigners, change-makers – working individually as well as for non-profits and businesses – challenge the status quo to make the change they want to see.


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Here you can download verbatim transcriptions for the podcasts.
These will be added as the podcasts are published.

1.1 Getting inspired
1.2 The Transformative Power of Campaigning with Katherine Sladden
1.3 The Power of Communities and Connecting with Jake Woodier
1.4 Fighting for girls’ rights with Lucy Russell
1.5 Charmian Love and business as a force for good
1.6 Emma Burleigh and the power of art to make change
1.7 Ruby Raut and periods, sustainability, ending shame and kicking ass