Introduction episode 1: getting inspired

In this introductory episode, Kate examines activism. What is it and why do people keep talking about it?  What do you do if you’re an activist?  Does it always mean marching in the streets or chaining yourself to buildings and trees or can you be a change-maker in other ways? Dame Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop, business guru, activist and inspiration to millions, once said: “Get informed, get outraged, get inspired, get active.”  This podcast series is about getting informed and inspired.

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1.1 Getting inspired
1.2 The Transformative Power of Campaigning with Katherine Sladden
1.3 The Power of Communities and Connecting with Jake Woodier
1.4 Fighting for girls’ rights with Lucy Russell
1.5 Charmian Love and business as a force for good
1.6 Emma Burleigh and the power of art to make change
1.7 Ruby Raut and periods, sustainability, ending shame and kicking ass