Brand and corporate activism and campaigning

Taking a stand. Your organisation wants to drive positive change. To make a real impact. Not only is it something you and your colleagues believe in, but you know your customers expect it of you, too. But where do you start?

I can help you make the connection between your brand’s purpose, communication and activism to create an authentic and powerful brand activism programme, from inspiring employee engagement to external stakeholder engagement and – crucially – to make a positive change in the world.

Issues Management

Prepare well. If you want to create change, you may experience resistance. Change isn’t easy. You will need to manage the naysayers and the doubters…you need to prepare well. I can help you prepare before the launch of a programme – for employees, customers, business partners – by investigating the issues and preparing the right response and the right support. If you’re in hot water, I can help support you and your team to manage effective and timely responses.

Media Training

Get your point across. Communicating your messages in a powerful and effective way is crucial to achieving your goals. When you’ve secured media opportunities – be they broadcast, podcast, print journalism or social media interviews or discussions – you want your people to shine. I have trained colleagues and clients to be able to perform confidently and successfully in interviews, roundtables and panel discussions.


Purposeful planning. Communications strategies exist to help you focus on the change you want to make and how you’ll do it. I can help you create campaigns and strategies to connect meaningfully with all your audiences, from colleagues to consumers, investors and partners to achieve your purpose.

Define your purpose

Define your

What do you stand for? What if your organisation hasn’t defined its purpose? I can work with your organisation to dig deep into your history, what you do now and your vision for the future to discover your purpose and the values and behaviours that will define why you exist, who you are and how you work together.


I am an experienced speaker, facilitator and moderator. In 2018, I delivered a TEDXWomen talk on ‘Showing Up’; I have moderated panels on topics such as biodiversity, feminism, cosmetic animal testing and activism with participants from the United Nations, NGOs, corporate CEOs, activist campaigners and digital influencers. I hosted round-table discussions and events with editors from UK and international publications.

Since starting my own business, I have regularly been invited to speak at webinars and online conferences on brand activism, sustainability and campaigning.