Jessie Macneil-Brown, Campaigns Unit Manager, IKEA Group

“Kate is an incredible communicator who taught me so much about impactful customer messaging and the importance of brand communications. She is one of the most passionate people I have worked with and was a champion of The Body Shop brand purpose both internally and externally. Kate is always fast to respond, shares her vast experience and comes up with great solutions to difficult problems.”

Teresa Parker
Head of Media Relations and Communications, Women’s Aid

“Kate provided media training for Women’s Aid which was meaningful and practically useful. Our direct services spokeswoman said how much more confident and prepared she feels as a result of Kate’s training.”

Peter O'Byrne, General Counsel, The Body Shop; Group IP Director, Natura &Co

“Kate is an excellent professional partner, calm and focused in crises. She acts with integrity and authenticity, and with her sense of fun, warmth and motivation to drive change in societal and environmental issues, she is a great communicator and influencer.”

Marcelo Behar, Vice-President of Sustainability and Group Affairs, Natura &Co

“Kate is a rare professional who can balance the benefits from years of experience in comms with the enthusiasm for important causes for society. She did extremely well campaigning against animal testing, being responsible for a global movement that provided visibility to a sensitive theme that helped the shift of legislation in many countries.”